THE SAEM URBAN ECO Skin Care Line with Harakeke & Manuka Honey Extracts

The Inspiration: beautiful skin is moisturized skin, so finding the exact right ingredients to attract and retain moisture is critical. The Harakeke and Manuka Honey plants from New Zealand are two such “right” ingredients. Maintaining proper skin hydration is the hallmark of all K-Beauty skin care routines, and these unique ingredients, in tandem with other special botanicals, deliver bigtime
What It Is: a line of lightweight-but-incredibly-moisturizing (and moisture-balancing) products that simplify and fortify your skin care routine, leveraging the power of two legendary plants from New Zealand – the harakeke plant and the manuka flowering bush
The Products: a gentle/non-stripping foaming cleanser, a hydrating gel-based toner and a super-lightweight moisturizing emulsion that make for a simple-but-effective way to maintain skin’s moisture

URBAN ECO Harakeke Toner

unique gel-based, alcohol-free toner is non-irritating, non-drying and hypoallergenic

instantly infuses moisture into skin as it gently exfoliates it

easy-to-apply (no cotton balls/pads needed)