Why Korean Beauty & Skin Care Is So Popular?

Does Korean skincare really work? Is it worth the hype? Ever wondered why Korean skin care is so good? Here’s an inside guide on why you should choose Korean cosmetics.

It’s no secret that more and more consumers are becoming aware of Korean makeup and skincare brands, and many have tried them – and then are hooked. 

Many Korean products are known to have a cult following in the beauty community, especially among beauty bloggers, Youtubers, and even makeup artists.

However, there are still many people who wonder why Korean cosmetics are so popular? Are they really better than the western products? Here is some helpful information for you to understand the reasons behind the global Korean skin care phenomenon.

What is K-Beauty?

Simply put, K-Beauty is an umbrella term for the Korean influence on skincare, beauty treatments, routines, lifestyle, and products that originate in South Korea.

In the last few years, the wave of Korean culture (Hallyu) has swept the world – from K-pop, K-movies, K-dramas to K-fashion and K-beauty. Think of BTS, Blackpink, the Netflix series “Squid Game” or the movie “Parasite”.

The K-Beauty has always been one of the Hallyu trend leaders and is now becoming part of the mainstream beauty market in the U.S.

Korean women are known to have very soft skin in general; however, many Korean women desire more translucent and porcelain-like glass skin.

To fulfill their dearest wish, they invest considerable time and money in cosmetics and beauty products to take care of their skin—which explains where the famous multi-step face-care regime is coming from.

What makes Korean skin care so special?

Beauty is a serious business in South Korea, and Korean customers are very knowledgeable about different cosmetic ingredients and product types.

They are always looking for something new and better and are willing to try the latest trends. The girls have very high standards for their skincare goals, such as “flawless skin,” and they know what they want and need and how to achieve their success. 

Gentle Formulas for All Skin Types

Another well-known strength of Korean skin care is its skin-friendly compositions, formulated with natural ingredients.

According to NCBI, studies show that 56.8 percent of Koreans have sensitive skin, while 44.6 percent of Americans and 38.4 percent of Europeans do.

All About Prevention

Koreans tend to focus on prevention and getting to the root of skin problems rather than treating when necessary. In other words, they take time to care for their skin before actual skin problems occur.

This is how they usually think—why wait until acne or wrinkles appear when you can address the source and main cause? Yes, we all know that prevention is better than cure.

From a young age, they learn the importance of skin care and how to ensure their skin stays healthy. This includes typical facial care techniques such as cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing and sun protection.

So it becomes second nature to them as they grow up. It’s not uncommon for some people to start using eye cream in their 20s, rather than waiting until wrinkles appear.

With this ‘focus-on-prevention’ philosophy, they understand that consistency and patience play an essential role in its effectiveness. In their skincare routine, they use products consistently, rather than applying them just once and expecting immediate results.

In contrast, the North American philosophy is more focused on fixing the problem quickly once it has occurred. Unfortunately, once a problem occurs, it is more difficult to reverse the damage and return the skin to its original, healthy state. 

Unique Ingredients from Nature

Bee venom serum, snail mucin essence, green tea toner, ginseng eye cream – yes, these are all beauty staples that originated in Korea.

South Korean companies have been on the forefront of creating the newest innovative functional cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. They combine properties of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, technology and nature.

Many Korean cosmetics use much gentler formulas from nature thanks to their traditional use of herbal ingredients that have been passed down through several generations. These are commonly used as medicinal herbs in Oriental culture, but are difficult to find in the Western world.

ypical ingredients found in your favorite products include centella asiatica, birch sap, propolis, licorice root, rice water, mugwort, and various fermented ingredients